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DISEL, Fossil:2016/06/06

Inspired by the “Cafe Racer” style bikes that were popular in London in the 1960s, this season’s new watch “Roll Cage” will hold an event where you can play a racing game with a virtual riding simulator.

In the fall of 2015, DISEL Watch launched a new platform, "Rollcage", with a cafe racer style motorcycle as its design source.
A functional, fast-running, simple-style bike favored by rockers, who emerged as a counterculture force alongside mods in London in the 1960s, with a cafe racer style motif.

As a promotion event for this product, a VR simulation of riding the timeless famous "Norton" racer in London, the birthplace of the cafe racer. It was held in four locations: Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.
In this simulation, two Norton racers (one of which is virtual) battle the streets of London at night. The actual DISEL Watch "Rollcage" is attached to the side of the Norton racer's tachometer, and this watch is accurately reproduced in 3D even in the VR space of Oculus, and you can check the time as you run. rice field.
Also, when it toured three cities, a set of racer equipment was loaded on a trailer of the "Lumet" brand, and it traveled around various places, creating an atmosphere like a private racer overseas.

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