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GodSpeed FreeRide+

PROTOTYPE Inc.:2016/06/29

Put on a helmet with an HTC Vive, ride a real KTM FREERIDE350, and experience GodSpeedVR's first enduro racing experience on beautiful yet dangerous roads. While looking at the beautiful valley, run through the top of the sheer cliff and aim for the goal. In the 4DX theater screening, further realism was pursued by the swinging device (D-BOX) actually used.
A real-time simulator that senses the steering wheel, accelerator, brake, gear, and clutch of the KTM FREERIDE350 in real time and reflects it in the VR space reproduced with Unreal Engine 4 in real time.
For the sound, the engine sound of KTM FREERIDE350 was actually recorded and used.


Special Thanks: KTM JAPAN

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