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PROTOTYPE Inc.:2022/04/09

This time, after 8 years, the first GODSPEED VR will be completely rebuilt in 2022 using Varjo's XR-3, which is regarded as the world's highest head-mounted display, and the motorcycle VR simulator will be GODSPEED XR. . GODSPEED XR synthesizes real-time camera images, which are the characteristics of Varjo's XR-3, with CG using a green screen in real time. A speed race, a simulator that allows you to instantly jump to the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway held in Salt Lake, Utah, USA. (Volvo uses Varjo's XR-3 to run an actual vehicle and is conducting an experiment that synthesizes the actual car window and CG in real time, but the XR simulation using Varjo's XR-3 in the motorcycle This is the world's first attempt) In addition, it is a simulator that enables leaning using live action by replacing the actual YAMAHA R1M with the official motoGP simulator, Italy "Moto Trainer".

Planning, Programming, Custom: PROTOTYPE INC.

3D: Spice

Programming: masahiro takahashi

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