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FUTURE RACEis the future motorsports that PROTOTYPE Inc. thinks of. Isn't there a motor sport that doesn't just compete for speed? Based on the concept offuture racing"FUTURE RACE" is a project that imagines and realizes what will happen.EV bikeMR gogglesdronededicated circuitCreate a new race that combines real and virtual. At PROTOTYPE Inc.,Sci-FiRepeating world experiments such asRealizeI'm going to go.




A circuit that combines real and virtual

It creates an immersive feeling like a video game world where riders and audience can enjoy together.


Rider's Buddy EV Bike • MR Goggles • Drone

The drone accompanies the rider at all times and displays ever-changing information on the MR goggles worn by the rider. 


Motor sports that everyone can enjoy together

dedicated machineDepending on the circuit, we aim to be a gender-free motor sport that can be enjoyed by various skills.

4 components

MR goggles

Riders use MR goggles when running. Real-time display of course information such as maps, machine operating status, battery level, etc. In addition, we will create a unique virtual production such as production items that are placed on the course you are driving, creating an immersive feeling like the world of video games.

EV bike

Use an EV bike that can run indoors. It is assumed to be an off-road type so that it can run on courses with many ups and downs such as pump tracks. In addition, we aim to create a machine that can be enjoyed safely by children and adults, with a structure that makes it easy to adjust the position, and is automatically customized when rider information is entered.


A drone watches over your run from above. As a rider's partner, it supports riding by shooting the course ahead and surrounding riders. It also serves as a camera for spectators.


It is a course that combines the real and the virtual by multiplying the expression of the actual course and the MR goggles. It is a circuit that combines not only speed competition but also performance elements such as jumping hills and pump tracks.