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We hosted the experiential event "HANEDA SLOW-SPEED MOBILITY EVENT," bringing together the latest in mobility. At the venue within Haneda Innovation City, there were vehicle exhibits and talk events featuring the globally renowned motorcycle racer Yuta Okatani, who hails from Ota Ward. Attendees had the opportunity to experience a diverse range of mobility options, including the foldable electric bike "TATAMEL BIKE," electric-assist tricycle cargo bike "STREEK," electric micro-mobilities "ChatKart" and "ChatBike," and the two-wheeled simulator "GODSPEED FreeRide+," allowing for vehicle exhibits and test rides. Meanwhile, at Haneda Oasis across from Haneda Innovation City, there were test rides for the electric kickboard "LUUP" and the innovative mobility "NeEMO," along with a special course for children's bike test rides. The event offered a comprehensive lineup, providing a fulfilling experience for attendees.

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