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Full scratch using “Varjo XR-3”
XR content from planning
We provide a one-stop service from design to production.

Demonstration of XR-3

Hearing and production plan

3DCG in XR

interaction design

optimized for XR


devices in XR,

Design and production of props, etc.



We will give you a demo of Varjo XR-3 and provide thorough support from the early stages of planning, such as explaining the functions (chroma key/VR/MR/AR). We will create detailed planning materials and explain the specific scenes and equipment proposal experience flow, etc., based on the necessary equipment and space according to your budget.

In parallel, we can propose and develop 3DCG, materials, UI design, etc. used in XR. In order to make the XR experience richer, all production from design to materials and space is possible in one stop.

The program uses "Unity" and "Unreal Engine", etc., and also programs optimized for Varjo. Using such highly versatile programming tools, large-scale projects can be developed by teams of multiple people, and we can handle everything from direction to production.

It is also possible to create props (cockpits, mobility mockups, etc.) that are synthesized on XR.

We can design and produce a 1/1 size prop that is synthesized on a green screen, and provide it by optimizing real creation and digital.

Depending on the customer's style of delivery,Flexible.

On-site setting by professional staffmeetings and presentations at our studiostation support, equipment rental

Customer's request, including deliveryWe will respond to the delivery style that conforms tovinegar. Please feel free to contact us.

PROTOTYPE Inc.”Varjo XR-3”We are experts in content creation using . the widest field of viewCreate the only photorealistic mixed reality world using the world's only human eye resolution mixed reality headset "Varjo XR-3".


Production example

ZERO Motorcycles SR/S x Varjo XR-3

The actual car body and the CG car body are placed at the same time, and DIGITAL WIN is placed in the fictitious CG world view.Content you can experience.

At our event "2&4 Digital Twin Exhibition", the actual body of ZERO Motorcycls SR/S was used, and the actual body and the CG body were simultaneously displayed on the XR-3 by green screen synthesis, and the green screen part was " XR content that synthesizes "Cyberpunk Town" in real time.

The actual bike and the detailed CG overlap seamlessly with the XR-3's high-definition expression, making it possible to present the appeal of the product in a different dimension.


Real-time synthesizing (synchronization) of the actual car body and related operations and experiencers,You can experience the best immersive feeling synthesized in real time in the world of CG simulation.XR content.

In 2022, after 8 years, the first GODSPEED machine will be rebuilt. Evolved into an XR simulator that combines Varjo XR-3 and YAMAHA R1M. Synthesize the car body and rider in real time in CG and instantly jump to the Salt Lake. You can experience the world of 300km/h in a highly immersive hall by replacing the car body with a "Moto Trainer*" and enabling lean operation.
This content can be demonstrated at our studio.

* Lean generation simulator



PROTOTYPE Inc. permanently installs a green screen with a total length of about 20m that can accommodate all product sizes.It can support experiments using various XRs.

Application to various fields utilizing the specifications of XR-3 and Studio (HANGAR-B)


In product design at 1/1, space constraints become a bottleneck when it comes to big things. In our studio, it is possible to synthesize a virtual space with a total length of 20m with a green screen, and it will be possible to experience the feedback in the development stage more realistically.

marketing presentation

"Varjo XR-3" also enables marketing and presentations using eye tracking. Real-time,

Effective marketing research is possible by visualizing reactions.

An immersive experience in the world of science fiction, Sci-fi, and anime

One of the features of "Varjo XR-3" is that you can experience the extraordinary world as if it were real. such as having an unknown experience from the cockpit that you can actually operate,Richer experiences can also be handled from planning to production. In video entertainment, we place actual props in movies, etc.It is also possible to produce XR content that can reproduce movie production simulations and movie scenes.

If you are interested in "Varjo XR-3" or would like to experience it, please feel free to contact us at ​.

Main features of “Varjo XR-3”

Chroma key (green screen composition)

Chroma key (green screen synthesis), which is the biggest feature, makes it possible to superimpose real objects on the CG world projected on the green screen. This is the only experience where real-life operations are fed back to CG in real time.


An experience that completely immerses you in a well-crafted CG world. Using hand tracking, you can draw pictures in virtual space and touch CG objects without holding anything in your hands, enabling a more natural and rich interactive experience.


This is a demonstration video in which a CG model of a MTB appears in the real world, and interaction such as disassembling parts is operated with a dedicated controller.

human eye level resolution

The Varjo XR-3 is the only mixed reality headset in the world with human-eye resolution for maximum field of view. By acquiring information on the space and ambient light, it is possible to adjust the light and reflections and express the actual placement. You can achieve the best immersive experience in history without any sense of incongruity.

You can experience CG products placed in real space very naturally

With Varjo XR-3, you can display products in real space at 1/1 size. Since the ambient light and reflections in the real space can be reflected in the CG model in real time, you can "experience" the product there more realistically.

Verification of products that are the same as reality is possible in any number of ways

With Varjo XR-3, you can arrange CG models of furniture reproduced in high resolution in infinite combinations and simulate them from various angles at the level of the human eye.

Representation at the human eye level that is trusted even in the world of medicine and education

Varjo XR-3 is actually used for medical training. Using real anatomical images in 3D offers significant learning benefits compared to learning from textbooks and 2D and 3D anatomical diagrams and models.  

Features of the Varjo XR-3


​with an infrared laserMeasure "depth"

inside-out tracking

​ get "spatial information" around

ultra wide lens

​ Shooting the real world

hand tracking

​ get "hand" movement

hand tracking

I can see your hand movements.ComteLowOperation without error is possible.


eye tracking

I know where I'm looking.Also for operation and statistical analysis by line of sight ◎


depth sensor

Detect objects within 5m,Only objects can be displayed.



When you place a marker, in spaceObjects can be fixed.

アンカー 1

necessary equipment, etc.


Varjo Subscription

We offer a variety of premium services, including continuous software updates. When you purchase Varjo XR-3, you will be subscribed at the same time.

Varjo compatible PC

Varjo XR-3 is compatible with a wide range of Windows 10 desktop computers. View recommended models here.

base station

If you want to use SteamVT™️ Tracking, you can purchase 2.0 Base Stations directly from the Varjo webstore.

We have prepared an optimal demonstration environment in cooperation with ELSA Japan, including the above equipment.

If you are interested in "Varjo XR-3" or would like to experience it, please feel free to contact us at ​.

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